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website design

Almost anyone can create a Web page. But you don't want just any Web page, and that's where we come in. We'll offer you a simple but striking design, an intuitive user interface, layout that perfectly integrates and highlights your information (as well as adapts responsively to both computer and mobile screens) -- and reasonable prices.

copywriting services

We'll fine-tune a proposal into powerful, error-free copy. We'll take a brochure and turn it into an attractive online selling tool. Whatever your copy needs are, we'll help you avoid the missteps of lazy editing, mishandled Web content, and plain old bad writing.

For fiction writers, we also offer full Book Doctoring services. If you're a novelist with an idea, outline, first or even final draft, we'll help diagnose and identify any problems that might exist in your characters, plots and narrative structure, and guide/encourage you along the way to improve your work on your own or with our prompts and brainstormed ideas. We'll provide detailed critiques of each draft or outline, together with suggestions for improvement if necessary; if you're interested we can even recommend resources to strengthen areas of weakness in your skill set, or offer advice on our own to help you become the best writer you can.

Once your draft has reached a stage where you're satisfied that it's ready, we will switch from a macro- to a micro-editing process, and will begin line editing (smoothing out everything from grammar and syntax in your narrative to tightening wordy sections to enhancing dialogue to ensure it suits each character's unique personality and style. (Note: we use Microsoft Word's "Review/Track Changes" feature, so that at all stages, you'll retain the option of accepting or rejecting any of these suggested changes.)

Finally, we'll proofread the novel a final time to catch any pesky typos or spelling errors missed (or accidentally added) in previous edits.

We focus on romance, fantasy and suspense/mystery genres, but will happily work with other genres (or general fiction) as well.

online content development

The most critical elements of a successful online venture? Getting people to the site, keeping them there long enough to see your message, and ensuring their return. Compete in the 21st century by using a strategy that's captured loyal audiences for more than 100 years. With FSP's experience at producing one of the longest-running, most acclaimed entertainment series on the Web, we can create and refine your content, or even develop a "webserial" to entice your visitors day after day!

research services

Information is a precious commodity for businesses, scholars and nonprofits. But like many things of value, it can also be difficult to find. Let our skilled researchers do the mining for you.

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