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Web Design and Portal Development

You've decided to hire Falling Sky
and agreed to our quote. What's next?

Step 4We will get in contact with you to discuss further details and ideas about the site. At that point, we will create a Work Agreement outlining the project as we understand it, describing exactly what you can expect from the FS side of things, and giving you a heads-up on what we'll need from you in return (for example, your content and/or logos). We'll ask you to pay a deposit on the design cost, usually 25 - 50%, to show good faith. (Find out more about our pricing and billing policy.)


Step 5This is when the design stage truly begins in earnest. We will  create several designs for you to examine, sending you the links to the test sites housed on our servers. The designs will be depicted through static images (i.e., not actual pages). Once you choose your preferred design template, you may have suggestions or "tweaks" that you'd like to see implemented before we create the first Web page.


Step 6At this point, we'll need you to send us all the text to be included in your site, as well as any images you may wish to add. If your text is in a brochure or word processing document, we'll preserve your formatting as much as possible while still optimizing it for a Web audience.

Once the content has been added, you'll have the opportunity to examine the site carefully and make sure that everything has been placed to your satisfaction.


Step 7At last your site will be uploaded to your server (or your webhost's server -- see the left-hand sidebar for more information). While copyright information remains in our name until we receive final payment on your site, the site will be live on your own address -- available to viewing by your clients, colleagues, family and friends.

You'll receive your invoice for the amount due (less the amount of the deposit you paid, of course). Once your payment has been received, we will change all copyrights to reflect your (or your organization's) ownership of the site, its contents and images.


Step 8 MAINTENANCE: Over the next few weeks and months, there may well be updates, maintenance issues, and other changes to the site you wish us to make. For the first two months after your site goes live, all site edits and technical changes are free of charge! (After those initial two months, modifications will be billed at our hourly rate, which will vary depending on the type of change requested.)


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